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Chakra Reset
with Essential Oils

Saturday, January 6 
with Amelia Edelman

Rather than using the New Year as incentive to move faster, accomplish more, and stay busy, we’ll take this break to turn inward and heal the body and mind through a series of restorative poses that cleanse and open our seven energy centers or chakras. We’ll also use basic pranayama, guided relaxation, and seven different essential oils.
This two-hour restorative asana practice will guide you through stretches, relaxation, and restorative holds focusing on each of the seven chakras — cleansing and resetting the energy
center and its capabilities so that we can move into the new year our fullest, most balanced selves. Hands-on assists will be offered as well as a different essential oil for the seven chakras
and explanation of how the oils support and nourish each chakra’s properties in turn.
In addition to aromatherapy benefits, the essential oils we’ll use are often found to have a wide range of mental and physical benefits that complement the restorative asana practice, such as increasing circulation, improving respiratory function, heightening mental clarity, etc.
No experience necessary but please alert the teacher to any scent sensitivities. Also wear comfortable clothing and no jumpsuits/bodysuits as you’ll be asked to place your hand directly on the skin of your belly in certain poses.


1011 Fatherland Street  d  East Nashville, TN 37206

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