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NOTICE: As of 3/15/2020 we have switched to an on-line format for the forseeable future. Please visit our Virtual Studio page for live schedule and on-demand class details.

Spring 2020: January-May

Based on the principles of Ayurveda, the Vedic science of health and wellness, our yoga classes are defined by the Doshic system according to energy level. 
See individual class descriptions below.

Please note: 
> All classes 60 minutes.  *indicates 90 minutes.
> Pitta  classes are practiced at 90-100 degrees.
 Vata  ~Wind 
Vata sessions are highly active Vinyasa/ flow classes. Be prepared to be challenged and truly explore your practice to its limits. 

	 Pitta  ~Fire
Pitta sessions are based upon the traditions of Hot Yoga. The class includes sequences of yoga postures practiced in a highly heated room (100+ degrees) to stretch and strengthen various areas of the body while detoxifying and cleansing internally for optimal health. 

S Kapha  ~Water
Kapha sessions focus on restoring and repairing the body. Deep stretches using breath and meditation complement the relaxing elements of this practice. 

Β	     Beginner's Class:  Tri-Doshic
This class celebrates the beginner's mind (Prathamakalpika) presenting a
closer look at yoga's most popular poses. Perfect for students new to yoga
and those wishing to fine tune their practice.

YTT    Yoga Teacher Training 
A community Vata class led by the most recent graduates of our teacher training. $5 drop-in.


*For detailed descriptions of each class including the Instructor’s style visit our Instructors’ Page.

*For up-to-the-minute changes and instructor substitutions visit our Interactive Schedule Pages. 

*Not sure where to begin? Come to our Diksha held quarterly and learn ore about your options!

Feel free to contact us with any questions: info@kaliyugayoga.com



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