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Winter/ Spring 2014

Based on the principles of Ayurveda, the Vedic science of health and wellness, yoga classes are defined by the Doshic system according to energy level. All classes run between 75 and 90 minutes and are conducted in a warm room (77+/- degrees) to keep muscles comfortable and relaxed. To note- the Pitta classes, however, are practiced in elevated temperatures reaching above 100 degrees, although exact temperatures will vary. 

Vata  ~Wind 
Vata sessions are highly active Vinyasa/ flow classes. Be prepared to be challenged and truly explore your practice to its limits. 

	Pitta  ~Fire
Pitta sessions are based upon the traditions of Hot Yoga. The class includes sequences of yoga postures practiced in a highly heated room (100+ degrees) to stretch and strengthen various areas of the body while detoxifying and cleansing internally for optimal health. 

SKapha  ~Water
Kapha sessions focus on restoring and repairing the body. Deep stretches using breath and meditation complement the relaxing elements of this practice. 

\ T.G.I.Friday Funday
This seasonal community class led by the Alums of our Teacher Training is a Vata practice raising funds for our Yoga Scholarship Fund.

Six Week Series Classes
Classes are highlighted in black above

{	Itty BItty Yoga
11:15AM! This sweet, fun and nurturing class is designed to help parents and caregivers through the busy early months. Build strength through interactive yoga postures and strengthen the bond with baby.
Check our Itty Bitty Yoga Page for current series dates and details.

3 Pre & Postnatal Yoga
Our Pre & Postnatal Yoga is a six-week series held periodically throughout the year.  This restorative based practice, similar to our Kapha classes, is open to women who are pregnant, would like to become pregnant or have recently given birth. We also welcome moms with children of all ages to enjoy some time for your self and to provide mentorship to the other mothers. 
-Check our Prenatal Page for current series dates and more details. 
R Rise & Shine
Greet the day with sun salutations in a meditative yoga class! This six-week series class held during the auspicious ambrosial hours at dawn is designed to channel positive energy within to better prepare you for the day ahead. The energy is similar to our Pitta classes. 
-Check our Rise+Shine Page for current series dates and more details.

4 	Family  Yoga
Partner with your toddler in yoga poses, games, music, and breathing exercises that help strengthen coordination and build body awareness.  Bring Bring Mom, Dad, Aunt, Uncle, Grandparents and friends! 
-Check our Family Yoga Page for current series dates and more details.

DII	Dharma 2 Series
Building on the fundamentals of Dharma Yoga this six week course is designed for those seeking to advance in posture practice, meditation and breathing techniques.
-Check our Dharma Yoga page for current series dates and more details. 

*For detailed descriptions of each class including the Instructor’s style visit our Instructors’ Page.

*For up-to-the-minute changes and instructor substitutions visit our Interactive Schedule Pages. 

Instructors at Kali Yuga Yoga are prepared to help educate and guide students in their choices for which classes may be better suited to one’s individual needs. Feel free to contact us with any questions: info@kaliyugayoga.com



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