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Follow the Curve

with Tony Hollingsworth    
December 7

The lumbar curve is a spinal feature unique to human beings. Dogs, cats, horses or any of the four-legged animals do not have a natural curve in the lower (lumbar) spine. When we came to stand up on two legs the lumbar curve was born from necessity and this curve gives us the ability to stand up straight. 

Did you know that the vertebrae in the lumbar region are more important to standing than others in the spine. Why? Because of their role in bearing the weight of the body. Without this curve the spine would not be able to to transfer weight to the rest of the spine and upper body. Simply put, our movements would be very restricted and walking on two legs would likely be impossible. And can you imagine what our asana practice would look like??

Follow the curve to grow tall, strong and steady!!!

This workshop will explore the importance and use of the lumbar curve in the asana practice. We will learn to “untuck” the tailbone in order to utilize the lumbar curve more effectively. In conjunction with understanding the anatomical nature of the lumbar spine and how to properly align the vertebrae, we will also incorporate the engagement of the three Bandhas; Mula (root lock), Uddhiyana (diaphragm or rib lock) and the Jalandhara (neck or chin lock) to support and energize this region of the body. We will use props and each other to explore poses that will accentuate the lumbar curve, boost core strength and improve vertical stacking of the spine. 

The embrace of the lumbar curve may challenge your previously learned approach to the poses you practice. That’s  a good thing! Spinal health and alignment are a key focus of yoga and moving forward you will find the techniques we learn in the workshop will be indispensable to your practice. 

The use of the natural curve of the lumbar spine, engagement of the bandhas and vertical stacking of the vertebrae will not only strengthen your spine, but also elevate the muscularity of your core and bring stability to your balancing poses. You will see immediate improvement in your asana and your overall standing posture- which in yoga terms means long healthy life!

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