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Meet the gang...

Heather Walter                   

Heather’s yogic journey can be summed up in one word- transformative. 
Yoga found her when she made the decision to let go of the concept of who she was to explore who she could be. Finding herself in a new city with few friends, she needed something to do with her free time. It only took a few practices before she realized that yoga was so much more than just a physical exercise. She saw improvement in all areas of my life- Health, career, relationships and so on. It even helped her find healing from what seemed like a life long illness. For her teaching is not a job, it's a calling. 

In 2013 she made the decision to leave her job to teach yoga full time. Less then a year later she moved to Thailand to volunteer and teach yoga in Thailand. While in Thailand she studied and practiced various  Buddhist meditation techniques. 
Her formal training is in the disciplines of Power Yoga, Hot26 and Restorative Yoga. In Heather’s words, “Yoga is not just what happens in a studio or on a yoga mat. Yoga is a conscious decision to "wake up" to each moment. Yoga is not limited to a certain age group, ethnicity, religion, gender or body type. Yoga is truth. Yoga is love. Yoga is Union. For me, yoga is at the intersection of science and magic! It defies limitations. We are all practicing yoga whether we realize it or not.“

Heather joined our staff in November 2016. 


Heather joined our staff in October of 2016.

Wednesday     6:00AM        Pitta
Thursday         11:30AM       Kapha
Friday               9:30AM        Kapha

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