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Hips & Shoulders!

Sunday, June 24
with Erika Porter

The hips and shoulders are the most complicated joints in the body.  So many muscles, tendons and ligaments are involved in helping them do their job properly.  It’s very important to keeps these muscles strong and flexible in order to properly support these joints and to prevent any potential injury.  On an emotional level, because of the importance of these joints, we tend to carry a lot of mental and physical stress and tension there.  
Luckily yoga has gobs of asanas created to help take care of this stress and tension! Erika will focus on a selection of these poses and help students understand what muscles we are targeting in order to strengthen and increase the flexibility.  By the end of the day you will understand the concept of full range of motion and feel empowered to keep these poses in your regular routine at home and in the studio. 
Erika will start with a small warm up flow to get the blood pumping, then she will alternate between flexibility poses and strengthening poses for the shoulders and hips.  We will ultimately close our day on the floor for some nice and juicy deep stretches.  
Through this enlightening study with Erika you will understand the connection of how the tension you hold in your hips and shoulders relates to stress and anxiety within the mind. Plus you will experience first-hand how relieving this stress can leave you more positive energy for the more important things in your life!

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