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Yoga YOUniversity
200-hour Undergraduate Semester Immersion
Independent Study

Kali Yuga Yoga’s School of Personal Evolution
200-hour Yoga Alliance Approved
Teacher Certification Training

Are you interested in a teacher training program, but due to work and other obligations are unable to commit? Have you been a serious practitioner of yoga and want to deepen your understanding of the teachings, but have no desire to be an instructor? Are you intimidated by the hefty price tag of a teacher training program and wish you could pay as you go. If so, we have an alternative program tailor made for you!

Our Independent Study program works through one-on-one private sessions covering all of the material that is presented in our 200-hr program broken into six levels that can be done at your own pace. The course takes roughly one year to complete, but could be accomplished in a focused six months or extended up to two years. Additionally, for students not wishing to become yoga teachers you can stop at Level IV avoiding the practice teaching clinics, business and sequencing portions and still walk away with a solid yoga instructor's education.  And there is always the option to change your mind,  jump back in and finish!

LEVEL I 							 
What is Yoga? Part 1
You know the poses. You've experienced first hand what yoga can do, but where does it all come from? In this introductory session we will map out the history of yoga and give a general overview of the principles and foundations behind the practice and scriptures. We will introduce the 8 Limb path while highlighting the primary teachings and lineages.  

What is Yoga? Part 2
Practicing and teaching Yoga in a class setting is just the beginning. Learn what its like to truly live as a yogi! In this segment we will expand upon the many different yogic paths to enlightenment including Bhakti, Karma, Jnana and Raja Yoga. Also, we will take an in-depth look at the 8 Limb Path as well as Sivananda's 5 Points of Yoga. 


LEVEL II 							
Gods & Goddesses
Shiva, Ganesha, Hanuman who? We know traditional yoga poses and mantras were carried down from a time much different from our own, but who are these characters whose names we know so well? This segment of offers an introduction to the rich pantheon of deities and their cohorts who weave their way into our practice. Learning the stories behind the names offers another layer of depth to our practice and an element of fun to our teaching!

Symbols of Yoga
When meditating or practicing asana our bodies become vehicles for the Divine Energy to flow. Therefore not surprisingly the subtleties within our body positioning aid in our spiritual journey. This module focuses specifically on the use of Dristi, Mantras and Mudras to maximize the benefits of our practice. 


Intro to Ayurveda
Some of us are naturally drawn to Kapha classes while others can't get enough of that Pitta heat! What causes these differences and how can we use our yoga practice as a way to pacify and balance these energies? In this session we'll review the foundations of Ayurveda to see how we can work with the elemental forces of nature within to achieve harmony within ourselves. 

Spiritual Anatomy
The spirit body has an entire anatomy all its own. Through the energies of the Gunas, which create sensory experience, we feel life on different levels as registered in the Koshas. Thus, through spiritual and physical cleansing by Kriyas we can keep our spirit body in optimal health for self-realization. Say what?? Don't worry, we'll explain in this module. 


LEVEL IV 							
Sacred Texts
Svadyaya emphasizes the importance in our journey of the study of sacred texts. Reading and contemplating the words of the masters offers insight into our own lives. Explore with us such heralded gems as Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, the Bhagavad Gita, and the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, gaining tools to enhance your understanding of yoga philosophy for years to come.

Through control comes freedom! Our breath, the link between that which we can control and that which does not require our control, is the focus of this module. Experience the benefits of such ancient practices as Nadi Shodana, Sama Vritti, Sithali, and more as we explore this tool of practice you'll never be without.


LEVEL V 							
Empowering Modifications for Specific Students 
Yes, everyone can practice yoga! This session will introduce you to some tools to assist students (and yourself!) in modifying a practice to support the body through injuries, pregnancy, and other sensitive times in our yoga practices.

Business of Yoga, Ethics and Instructor Responsibilities 
The yoga industry is a booming yet ever-changing and somewhat volatile market. We'll discuss how you can navigate this trendy movement while walking the walk, not just talking the talk. Highlights include how to make money sharing your passion, marketing tips like how to effectively use social media and risk assessment for those transitioning from other careers. 


LEVEL VI 							
This level is comprised of group classes for those wishing to complete the 200-hr Certification through Yoga Alliance Standards for Yoga Instructors. 

Practice Teaching 
This section will be divided into ten 2-hour sessions based upon previous and new Asana Clinics (1-10). We'll review asana technique and adjustments as well as hold mock classes to refine instruction. 

This section is broken down into three 2-hour sessions highlighting Vata (Flow), Pitta (Hot) & Kapha (Gentle) classes. We will discuss the various ways to build a class and how to promote and/ or pacify each dosha in a certain practice.  	

+New Student Orientation 	+Anatomy Weekend Intensive			 
+Nourish the Soul 		+Ayurveda 101 	 	+Gita Scribes 		 
+Intro to Sanskrit                        +Chakra Therapy 	             +Mudras & Mantras
+8 Limb Path 			+Pranayama 		
+Meditation     		+Teaching Online	

+4 Group Study Sessions 
+4 Mentor Meetings / Assisting Class

+10 Workshop Hours 
+70 Class Hours 

$1875 Levels I-V
$ 410 Level VI
$297 Required Workshops
$325 Anatomy
$65 Study Sessions
$375 Mentor / Assisting Class Sessions
$135 Electives Workshops 
$320 Yoga Classes
$125 Admin Support/ Materials
$ 3,927*

*This figure was estimated for a student purchasing all optional training & workshop packages and enrolling in our monthly auto-debit plan.  

Cost Breakdown & Packages
Levels I-V & Mentor Sessions:
$108/ session 
$375/ 4 sessions

Level VI:
$30/ Practice Teaching session
$275/ 10 Practice Teaching sessions

$50/ Sequencing session
$135/ 3 Sequencing sessions

$30/ workshop
$135/ 5 workshops

-Extra private sessions are available can be booked at the $108 rate or 4 sessions for $375.
-Cancellations of private sessions must be made 24 hours in advance. If not there will be no refund and the session will be rescheduled at the $108 rate.
-Cancellations made prior to a first meeting in each module can receive a full refund of any payments made. However, we will not refund part way through a level.
-All sales of extra classes, packages, materials, workshops, etc are final. 
-If Kali Yuga Yoga YOUniversity should postpone or cancel any session full refunds will be given. 

Please note: These policies are subject to change. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us: 615-260-5361

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