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Topsy Turvy 
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with Leah Lillios King
Saturday, March 30

See the world from a whole new perspective through the exhilarating art of inversions!!!

Inversions are an exciting way to enliven your practice and invigorate your entire body. So let’s get playful and indulge your inner child as we purposefully turn our world upside down!

Not only are they fun, but inversions also: 
	Stimulate circulation
	Enhance spinal mobility
	Reduce back pain
	Provide care and feeding for disks
	Improve posture
	Strengthen Core
	Provides balance and orientation training
	Boost brain power
	Improve mental awareness
	Calm the mind
	Relive stress
	Enhance relaxation and promotes sounder sleep
	Give the heart a rest
	Stimulate endocrine system
	Improve digestion and elimination
	Lower blood pressure
	Age gracefully / reverse the aging force of gravity
	Elevate mode and relieve depression

In this workshop Leah will guide you step-by-step on how to practice inversions safely and easily through the use of props, proper alignment principles, and modifications. She will first focus on how to develop the core strength to practice these amazing poses and then take you step-by-step through each pose building your way from the ground up- or vice versa when you’re upside down!

We’ll study simple poses ranging from uttanasana (standing forward bend) and prasarita padottanasana (inverted straddle stretch) to more complex asanas such as sarvangasana (shoulderstand) and halasana (plow). We’ll take an in depth look at sirsasana (headstand) and learn an easy sure-fire way to master this all powerful pose. We’ll also take some time to play with pincha mayurasana (forearm stand) and hastasana (handstand) and more! 

1011 Fatherland Street  d  East Nashville, TN 37206

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