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Krissy Dodge                   

Krissy Johnson Dodge has spent the last decade of her life as a professional ballet dancer with the Nashville Ballet. She began dancing 23 years ago and has been practicing yoga for the past eight years. She was first introduced to yoga as a recovery method after sustaining an injury while dancing. After falling in love with the practice and discovering the numerous benefits of yoga, Krissy decided to further her dedication by becoming a licensed instructor. She has studied with Leah Lillios King, Liz Workman Mead and Rachelle Martinez and received her RYT certification from the Kali Yuga Yoga Teacher Training Program. Krissy has a 13 year teaching career in classical ballet and contemporary dance with students ranging from the age of three to mature adult. Her love of teaching shines through her devotion to the practice of yoga and brings that passion into every one of her classes. Her love of movement and physical expression is apparent in her Vinyasa classes and her respect for the body is evident through her Restorative classes. Krissy also shares a passion for helping those suffering from Eating Disorders and is doing further study in order to offer classes dealing with disordered eating and body image issues through specialized restorative yoga and meditation. 
Krissy joined our staff in May of 2013.
Friday     6:00AM         Vata  



1011 Fatherland Street  d  East Nashville, TN 37206

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