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Moms On Mats CIRCLE
Honoring motherhood as an integral part of
 your spiritual journey

Hosted by: Leah King 
             & Jackie Contreras

Upcoming Dates:
Feb 7        May 8
Aug 7       Nov 6

Before my children were born my yoga practice infiltrated all aspects of my life from my daily routine to my friendships, my career and my entire outlook on existence. Yet after they were born I found myself in survival mode- stuck in my root chakra and only focused on the basics: food, clothing, shelter and SLEEP! For some reason I was separating being a mother from being a yogi. 

It wasn't until my friend and fellow yogini mom, Liz Mead, sent me an article by Carrie Ann Moss that the fog lifted...

"As I braided my daughter's hair in the particular way in which she demands, I sensed all of the women who have come before me- all the women who have brushed their daughter's hair and all the mothers who will come after me doing this everyday routine. Through this simple act I felt the total grace and deep presence of connection."

But I know I can't do this on my own. I know too well I will get trapped once again in schedules, diaper changes, sleepless nights and power struggles and my spiritual practice will once again sit upon the shelf for a later time. 

And so I invite you to join me. First, for an invigorating and powerful asana practice combining the energies of Vata & Pitta to target postnatal issues including loss of core strength, body tone, energy and pelvic floor connection. And then for a free flowing discussion of the studio's quarterly theme and how to integrate the ideas and principles into motherhood- with tea+cookies &/or wine+chocolate of course!

Feb 7: Ayurveda
It's easy as a mother to think of yourself last (i.e. leftover pb&j crusts and goldfish for lunch anyone??) but how can we take care of others when we don't take care of ourselves? We'll have a realistic discussion regarding our own Prakriti and small ways we can maintain balance on a daily basis. We'll talk about the Doshic dynamics in your household to address food needs, schedule issues, conflict resolution and creating harmony in the home. 
>>Please take a dosha test before our gathering

May 8: Home Practice
You mean I'm supposed to do yoga here?? Actually, yes. But just as your life has evolved and changed drastically when you became a mother so too must your idea of practice. Our discussions will center around discovering what a yoga practice means to you now and how you can nurture that intention. We'll also talk about how to bring yoga into our home and share it with our families and loved ones. 

1011 Fatherland Street  d  East Nashville, TN 37206

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