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Sacred Sounds & Symbols:
Mantras & Mudras

Friday, November 2
with Jo-Jo Jackson

 Sacred Sounds and symbols are powerful practices to bring people closer to the divine energy within themselves and the universe.  They are used across all cultural, religious and spiritual backgrounds! In the practice of yoga, mantras and mudras are the sacred sounds and symbols of the divine. Mantra chanting is used as a tool to transport the mind into focus and stillness through sound, while mudras are hand gestures used to direct energy flow through the body during pranayama breathing practices and meditation.

Explore the realms of yoga mantra & mudra in this 2-hour workshop, and expand your practice! We’ll start by learning how to pronounce the Sanskrit alphabet to create a foundation for your mantra practice. From there, we will learn seven common mantras via call-and-response and learn their meanings. After exploring mantra, we will dive into hand mudras and their various techniques and meanings with an in-depth look at 10 common mudras. In addition, we’ll utilize simple pranayama and meditation techniques to deepen your practice and understanding of the mudras. 

Come prepared with an open mind, a sense of curiosity a pen and paper for any note taking. We’ll conclude the workshop integrating a mantra and mudra practice through “japa mantra” (repetitive chanting) accompanied by the sacred sounds of singing bowls. 

1011 Fatherland Street  d  East Nashville, TN 37206

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