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Yoga YOUniversity
300-hr Masters Program

Kali Yuga Yoga’s School of Personal Evolution
300-hour Yoga Alliance Approved Advanced
Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher Certification Training

Awaken the inner sadhaka within you through our Masters program. This 300-hour curriculum is designed to expand upon your basic knowledge of yoga that you gained from your 200-hr training, highlight emerging key areas of the practice and immerse you into an Ayurvedic lifestyle that you can maintain long after graduation.

Our program meets you where you are- you choose the areas that interest you most, go at your own pace and work with the teachers where you feel connection. Your masters studies will end up being a unique mix of weekend immersions, courses, workshops, mentorship sessions, asana classes, and home practices. All of these will combine to support your growth as a student, boost your knowledge as a teacher and further propel you toward your fullest and highest potential.

The pillars of the training include:
VATA- body- Asana Classes
KAPHA- mind -Weekend Immersions, Workshops & Courses
PITTA - spirit- Mentorship Sessions

+RAJA: consistent asana practice 
+KARMA : community service
+BHAKTI: consistent mantra practice
+JNANA: various readings

+PROPER BREATHING: Daily Pranayama
+POSITIVE THINKING: Daily Meditation
+PROPER DIET: Ayurvedic Diet
+PROPER RELAXATION: Yoga Nidra, Massage, etc.

Program Breakdown:
In order to graduate you must complete 300 hours of study. We have broken these down into our Mandatory Core Curriculum & Electives. 270 hours must be obtained in the presence of one of our teachers. These are considered contact hours and are marked in purple. Contact hours will be acquired through a combination of weekend immersions, courses, workshops, mentorship sessions and classes. 30 hours must be accumulated on your own (non-contact hours). Non-contact hours will accumulate through home practices, readings and assignments. 

Mandatory Core Curriculum (48 contact hours / 30+ non-contact hours)
- 48 hours in asana class at Kali Yuga Yoga
As many a yoga student knows, a consistent asana practice under the tutelage of an instructor and surrounded by a community of peers is the key to creating an immersive learning environment. The ritual class setting is the perfect starting point to spark ideas and see concepts and philosophies put into action.  
- 25+ hours of home practices
A yoga practice is so much more than just the poses. We seek to make the yogic lifestyle whole again by incorporating many of these observances including, but not limited to, home practices in pranayama, meditation and mantra. We also encourage incorporating other forms of exercise, an Ayurvedic diet, community service and plenty of relaxation techniques.  

Electives (216 contact hours):
This includes your unique mix of the following:
- Weekend Immersions (10+ hours each)
These 2-3 day events will take a deep dive into the many different facets of yoga and the practice. Students will take away an abundance of information, resources and tools to implement in both their yoga classes and daily life.
- Workshops (2+ hours each) 
Every 2-3 hour event will showcase a specific technique or offer a different viewpoint on a specific aspect of yoga. This focused experience which concentrates on one singular aspect of yoga is meant to awaken and inspire students into a new way of thinking and experiencing the practice.     
- Courses (6+ hours each)
Our 6-8 week courses are built around the seasonal themes of the studio as a way to enhance our exploration of these topics and come together as a community. In these weekly gatherings there will be outside readings, assignments and engagement within the group to foster a deeper understanding and implementation of yoga concepts both on and off the mat. 
- Mentorship sessions (1+ hours each)
One-on-one meetings with your Mentor further tailor the training to your individual needs. You will start with an initial Ayurvedic Consultation to learn more about your Prakriti and activities that will help keep you balanced throughout the training. Later, mentorship sessions will help you expand your knowledge of the physical practice, turn over philosophical questions raised through your training and even assist with your yoga business plan. Your mentors will be there to support your journey and hold you accountable for your intentions.                

1. Ayurvedic Consultations (3)
2. Mentoring Program (8)
3. Weekend Immersions*/ Workshops/ Courses (216)
4. Classes (48)
5. Home Practices (25+)
*See below for weekend immersion schedule

How to get started:
Fill out an application. Upon acceptance and after paying your enrollment deposit you will receive a 26 class package and your program checklist. This checklist will serve as your guide for keeping track of your hours and for highlighting different modalities to complete your requirements. 

How to move through the masters:
Book classes, privates and enroll into workshops & courses as often as you can! Keep track of your attendance on your checklist. Upon connection with your mentor you may begin the home practices at your leisure. It is possible to complete the masters training within a year but it will take tapas (discipline) and good planning. We anticipate most students will stretch it out over 18 months. 

How to graduate:
After completing your mandatory and elective requirements you will submit your checklist and close your studies with a graduation review from one of our staff. Upon graduation and in conjunction with your previous 200hr training you will be able to register with Yoga Alliance as a RYT500. All students upon acceptance have 2 years to complete all core requirements. Six month extensions can be granted for a fee of $120.

PRICING per service
Enrollment Deposit: $500 {includes 26 class pass}
Weekend Immersions: $325* 
Workshops: $30*
Courses: $180* 
Privates: $108*
Graduation Review: $125
*These are average prices. Specific event pricing may vary and package discounts are often available. 

>>> 2021 
JULY- Trauma Sensitive Teaching
SEP- Kapha- Restorative Yoga Training
NOV- Ayurveda for Yoga teachers 
>>> 2022 
JAN- Pitta- Hot Yoga Teacher Training
FEB- Anatomy 203
MAR- Vata- Improvisational Sequencing
APR- Yoga & Nervous Systerm
MAY- Kapha- Pranayama
JUNE- Sanskrit & Mantra
JULY- Pitta- Building the Home Practice
AUG- Trauma Sensitive Teaching
SEP- Vata- Multilevel Classes
OCT- Business Builder
NOV- Kapha- The Subtle Body

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For more info or questions please contact: laura@kaliyugayoga.com

Application schedule:
Applications will be reviewed upon completion and accepted, deferred or wait-listed on a rolling basis. Acceptances will be emailed and/ or telephoned. Other notifications will be sent out via email. Applicants on the wait list will be notified as soon as possible of any change in their status via email and/or telephone.

Payment schedule:
-A non-refundable deposit of $500 is due upon acceptance of your application.  This deposit will be counted as part of your tuition.  Upon payment of the deposit, you will have access to your 26-class package. 

Please note: These policies are subject to change. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact: laura@kaliyugayoga.com -or- 615-260-5361

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