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Meet the gang...

Miranda Pool

 Miranda is passionate about the power of yoga to transform and heal. Her approach to yoga is one of inclusion, exploration and inquiry: she
believes that yoga is for everyone and in finding
one’s own movement and expression within the physical practice of yoga. A counselor, human development scholar and special educator by trade, Miranda is interested in the intersection of yoga and mental health as well as the healing and transformative power of yoga for children and adults with mental illness, histories of trauma, special needs and varying physical abilities. Her classes celebrate the uniqueness of each person and use a gentle, introspective and playful approach that invites yogis to enter the lifelong practice of compassion and union by beginning with self-compassion.

Miranda is a Nationally Certified Counselor and has her
Master's of Education in Human Development Counseling
from Vanderbilt University. She has studied trauma-sensitive
yoga at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health and has worked
as a school counselor, special education teacher, preschool
teacher, children’s yoga teacher and children’s theater director
in Nashville, Boston and Maine. Miranda has experienced the
benefits of yoga for mental health personally and is committed
to sharing this amazing transformative practice with others.

Miranda joined our staff in jan 2017.



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