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live Art installation

featuring the work of 
Nila Frederiksen 
Dec 26-Jan 4

We are honored to announce that Nila Frederiksen will be taking a residency at Kali Yuga Yoga over the Holidays. Inspired by her mandala pieces she will be painting intricate and unique designs on our studio windows and walls. Her work schedule will vary but chances are you might find her creating during your next practice. We hope that witnessing the studio transformation can inspire your own work on the mat as well as give a new focal point for meditation and reflection. As Nila creates a lasting art piece for the studio, please join us for class and witness this historical moment in Kali Yuga’s history and be part of the process.

About the Artist: 
Nila Faith Frederiksen is a twenty-year-old freelance artist born and raised in Nashville. Born to artist Marla Faith, she has been drawing her whole life. She briefly attended Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles after studying art at Hume-Fogg High School under Shayna Snider. Nila currently lives in Big Sur, CA, studying and working at the Easlen Institute. She is primarily inspired by nature, music, and the full spectrum of human emotion. She is currently accepting commission requests for portraits, band posters/ album artwork, mandalas and murals.

>>See more of Nila’s Mandala artwork here

1011 Fatherland Street  d  East Nashville, TN 37206

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