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Nourish the soul
A holistic and integrative approach 
to health and wellness

A two-hour workshop
with Liz Mead M.A., H.C, L.D.P

Sunday, February 21
11:30AM- 1:30 PM  | $30

Do you want to eat healthier foods and cook more? Are you a stranger to your kitchen because of time constraints, lack of energy, or feeling intimidated? Do you want to learn how to eat right when you are traveling, eating out, or with friends that have different food choices? Are you interested in learning about “super foods,” macrobiotic, Ayurvedic, gluten free diets, raw foods, smart supplements, and easy cooking tips that can bring cooking back into your life?
Join Liz Workman, educator, health counselor and yoga instructor for this cutting-edge program provides the latest research on which foods, cooking techniques, and nutritional supplements can help promote health, vitality, and mental clarity.  Liz infuses counseling and dietary methods to help people with all needs from energy, weight, moods, learning disabilities, and just becoming more conscious.  Join Liz Workman for a nutritional adventure. 

Fall in love with your life inside and out!!!
In Nourishing the soul, you will learn:
    * Which foods promote health and well-being?
    * Which foods increase the risk of disease and obesity
    * How to prepare healthy, whole-food meals
    * What supplements can and can’t do for you
    * Why “how” you cook foods is so important
    * What role “super foods” can play in your life
    * What food labels really mean
    * The art of shopping with economics and our planet in mind.
   *  The mind body connection

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