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Phoebe Hunt 
Shanti Phoebe Hunt was raised by yogi parents, who were disciples of Swami Satchidananda in the 1970’s at the IYI (International Yoga Institute) in the lower west side in Manhattan.  As such, integration of yoga into the modern daily life is a foundational component of Hunt’s desire to teach yoga.  While exposed to yoga at a young age, it was not until she was 18 that Hunt truly began her yoga practice.  With an A Type, over-achieving personality, she was first drawn to practice Bikram yoga and loved the grounding nature of the steady routine.  She found peace in the repetition, and, as she puts it “finally learned how to breathe”.   

This breath connection opened Hunt’s mind to exploring many other styles of yoga including the Integral Hatha method her mother had instilled within her as a young child.  She has practiced kundalini, vinyasa, iyengar, yin, as well as a micro-movement technique taught to her by a yoga instructor she came across while traveling in India.  Through the practice of yoga, Hunt has discovered her connection to meditation, and deep inner exploration.  

Hunt’s intention as a yoga teacher is to meet any student of yoga exactly where they are, and to allow each individual the space and time to find their own unique inner connection to the practice of yoga.



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