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The Fourth Element:
Developing Your 
Pranayama Practice

Friday, October 19
with Jo-Jo Jackson

In yoga, life is not measured in time but in breaths, so learning to control the breath cultivates health and longevity. Pranayama, the fifth limb of Raja Yoga, is the practice of breath control and extension, and come from the Sanskrit words Prana meaning “vitality” “wind” or “energy” and Ayama meaning “restraint” or “stretching” or “expansion.” Learning to control and slow the breath promotes healthy functioning in many of the body’s organ systems; improves focus and mental clarity; and brings forth an overall sense of mental, emotional and physical calm. 

Take the breath out of automation & put it into practice! 

In this 2-hour workshop, we will explore foundational principles of pranayama to use in your practice on and off your mat. While breathing can be an automatic bodily function, learning to control the breath is an ancient practice that brings about a heightened sense of focus, clarity, awareness and calm to prepare you for meditation. Understanding the what, why and how of pranayama establishes a groundwork for the various techniques. We’ll discuss the techniques and their myriad benefits, so be sure to bring a pen and paper for any note-taking. In addition, we’ll do an integrated asana and pranayama practice to understand how the breath works with the body, and understand how to seamlessly incorporate pranayama into your asana practice. We will conclude our practice with meditation and enjoy the fruits of our pranayama practice

1011 Fatherland Street  d  East Nashville, TN 37206

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