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Where it all began...

It all started with an energy, and then that energy became a force and from that force grew Kali Yuga Yoga...

Our studio is a gathering place built on passion, love and generosity of spirit. The idea formulated in my head five years before the actual doors opened. It took those many years prior to find the perfect energy, the perfect timing and the perfect space to manifest this aspiration. With patience and a strong intention, slowly but surely the project began to unfold....

The dream to own my own yoga studio had never occurred to me in the past, but like a bolt of lightning one day I had a vision. It was in my first year of leading classes, after a chain of what some may call unfortunate events, I imagined a fun, pleasant gathering place where ‘regular’ people could come, practice yoga, share with one another and enjoy the happiness that is Life. Not a traditional ashram steeped in Eastern religion and heavy philosophy, not a formal yoga center with grandiose promises of drastically changing the course of your life (not that there’s anything wrong with either of those)- but a REAL place with REAL people practicing a REAL form of physical therapy. 

However, it wasn’t until many years after studying, practicing and leading yoga classes that I felt the time was right to branch out on my own. Finding the perfect location was key. The studio would be a place where people could connect with one another, help each other and provide a gathering place outside of the bars and clubs of Nashville. East Nashville revealed itself as the ideal neighborhood. Its independence, pride and bursting personality set it apart from other areas in the city. Plus, the opportunity for the studio to own its property helped add our share of enthusiasm and dedication to the blossoming community. 

During the two year negotiation and build-out process leading up to Kali Yuga Yoga’s grand opening, I led yoga classes in my back yard and front living room. Fondly called the Yoga Club, this dedicated group truly embodied the community spirit and even became the very first group of yogis to practice at the studio space- on unsealed concrete floors surrounded by frame work!! The club has since disbanded, maybe one day to return, but you can still check on the blog site to relive those early days... 

And the rest is history! Now we have our beloved studio, joyful students, incredible instructors and enough love and happiness to spread all over town. Watch the slide show below documenting the process, and then come in, join us for practice and experience it for yourself!

                 Meet you on the mat~

                                         y   Leah


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