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200-hour Yoga Alliance Approved
Teacher Certification Training

Once you think it might be time... it’s time. Teacher training is no longer a rite of passage for those devoted few who choose to dedicate their life to teaching. Due to our society’s liberal arts approach to yoga students are now practicing different styles, studying different lineages, visiting different studios and learning from different teachers all through convenient albeit short 60 minute sessions. As enlightening as that might be, we know it’s hard to find a source to bring all the parts and pieces together.  As much as you may be practicing you might still feel lost when it comes to progressing along your yoga journey. Teacher training has become that opportunity. By attending what we casually call “Yoga School” you can apply what you know, fill in the gaps with what you don’t and build a stronger foundation on which to chart your course as a yogi. Through our teacher training program you will learn the fundamentals behind this sacred practice, improve your asanas and create a new opportunity for yourself  to teach yoga wherever your are and wherever you go.

Inspired by our Ayurvedic approach to Yoga, we have designed our program as a well balanced and thorough approach to the practice. You will learn not only the history and methodology, but also how the art of yoga works on a philosophical, practical and scientific level. Furthermore, our teacher training program focuses on not just one style of yoga, but on three- hot, restorative and flow. By using Kali Yuga Yoga’s Ayurvedic approach you will feel competent and comfortable to lead any class to any group of potential students no matter what the circumstance! 

We have three options for our 200-hour certification training. 
Click each link to find out more:

 Semester Immersion 

 Independent Study

 Semester Immersion ONLINE

Discount Program
We do offer a 10% discount on all our teacher training programs to employees and contract laborers of approved complimentary businesses as well as to all military personnel and their family members. Please contact laura@kaliyugayoga.com for information.

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