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Teacher Certification Trainings

Once you think it might be time... it’s time. Teacher training is no longer a rite of passage for those devoted few who choose to dedicate their life to teaching. Due to our society’s liberal arts approach to yoga, students are now practicing different styles, studying different lineages, visiting different studios and learning from different teachers all through convenient albeit shorter and shorter sessions. As enlightening as that might be, we know it’s hard to find a source to bring all the parts and pieces together.  As much as you may be practicing you might still feel lost when it comes to progressing along your yoga journey. 

Teacher training has become that opportunity for growth. By attending what we casually call “Yoga School” you can apply what you know, fill in the gaps with what you don’t and build a stronger foundation on which to chart your course as a yogi. Inspired by our Ayurvedic connection with Yoga, we have designed our entire school as a well balanced and thorough approach to the practice.

Through our 200hr “Undergraduate” teacher training program you will learn the fundamentals behind this sacred practice, progress your asanas and create a new opportunity for yourself to teach yoga wherever your are and wherever you go. You will learn not only the history and methodology, but also how the art of yoga works on a philosophical, practical and scientific level. Furthermore, you will focus on not just one style of yoga, but on three- hot, restorative and flow. By using Kali Yuga Yoga’s Ayurvedic perspective you will feel competent and comfortable to lead any class to any group of potential students no matter what the circumstance! 

Our 300hr “Masters” program builds upon that foundation by expanding into areas that will hone your instructing skills, answer those hard questions and deepen your personal connection and commitment to the practice.  The flexible structure and emphasis on home practices tailor the experience to your unique interests. Not only do you choose the topics that resonate with you, but also you will work one-on-one with a mentor to address your specific goals as a student and teacher.

We’re glad to see you are here and feeling drawn to refining your practice and advancing your studies. What the world needs now is definitely more yoga and yogis like you. Likewise we are equally honored that you are considering our programs and would love to explore the possibilities with you!   

Below are links to our different paths. We have three options for completing the 200-hour certification and one for our 300-hour training. Click each link to find out more:

 200-hour Undergraduate Semester 

 200-hour ONLINE Undergraduate Semester

 200-hour Independent Study

 300-hour Masters Program

Discount Program
We do offer a 10% discount on all of our undergraduate teacher training programs to employees and contract laborers of official partnered complimentary businesses as well as to all military personnel and their family members. We also offer discounts for early registrants. Please contact hannah@kaliyugayoga.com for more information.

KYY Scholarship Program
We are happy to announce that we now offer a scholarship to cover 50% of tuition expenses. This scholarship is intended for students who have a financial need and/ or are from underserved communities. Application deadlines are set for 30 days before the start date of the requested semester. Upon acceptance into our 200hr program and after paying the deposit students are welcome to apply by emailing hannah@kaliyugayoga.com

Kali Yuga Yoga YoUniversity was an amazing experience.
Our instructors were very knowledgeable, experienced, and
passionate individuals. They created the perfect yoga training
atmosphere for all levels and backgrounds. I feel confident
enough to begin teaching right away. I would recommend this
training to anybody looking to become certified. You are
guaranteed to start your journey with a deeper understanding
of yourself, and further knowledge to enrich your teaching.
I am forever grateful.
-Misty, 2014

My training experience with Kali Yuga Yoga was impeccable!
The teachers were always available to help, offered plenty of
opportunities to learn and teach, and created well rounded
graduates. I couldn't have pictured myself getting certified
anywhere else. Leah and Liz pushed me, supported me, and
became my dear mentors and friends. I wish I could do it all
again! But I feel they trained me to feel comfortable leading a
class, and the love and encouragement along the way was
perfection. It was a true experience of a lifetime, and I will
forever be grateful to them and the studio for everything.
-Sarie, 2015

This is a phenomenal training program. It changed my life, my
practice, and my spirituality. One thing I loved about it was the
"liberal arts" approach to yoga teacher training; Leah and Liz
made a point to expose us to different kinds of yoga practices
and encouraged us to find our own path and style instead of
simply indoctrinating us with only one style or series of asana
practice. The small class size was also a huge benefit; my
experience was personal, deep, connected and communal.
I could not recommend a teacher training program any more
highly! Thank you, Kali Yuga. You changed my life!
-Miranda, 2016

I believe this training is essential for anyone who loves the practice of yoga and wants to take it deeper. Whether you decide to be a teacher (and we all are in some way) or just want to learn the history, different types of yoga, how and what you should be feeling in each pose and help talk to someone who has never done yoga into the proper alignment and most important, the spiritual side. Leah and Liz are amazing. Their knowledge and compassion made me look forward to each
class or workshop. I will continue to study with them and have
recommended Kali Yuga Yoga YoUniversity to several people. Truly one of the best self investments I've ever made.
-Murphy, 2017

Kali Yuga YoUniversity was the YTT experience I didn't even know
I was looking for. Their 3-month program gave me the tools to dive deep into my practice and learn what yoga means to me, and how I can best share it with the world. Their in-depth classes introduced me to new works and concepts that have been instrumental in changing how I approach my practice as a student, and now as a teacher. I highly recommend this program to anyone with an interest in deepening their relationship with yoga and with themselves through the study of historic and modern literature, intellectual discussion, and creative asana practice from a variety of lineages.
-Madeline, 2019

My YTT training at Kali Yuga Yoga was an amazing experience. The program was very comprehensive and organized. From asana clinics, workshops, anatomy training, history and philosophy research, etc.. it really does a great job of going in-depth into the yoga practice and preparing future teachers to be confident and successful. I thoroughly enjoyed this school and the program.
-Marsha, 2020

Kali Yuga's Yoga Teacher Training was a wonderful and transformative experience.  All of the teachers were amazing, each in a different way, so students are introduced to a diverse range of perspectives. This inclusion of multiple perspectives was one of the best aspects of this course, enabling students to truly explore, learn, and discover aspects of yogic and Ayurvedic practice and philosophy. Not only did I learn about how to teach yoga--sequencing classes, different styles of yoga--I've also learned so much about what I need from and bring to my yoga practice, about the history of yoga and its modern variations, about my own body and how each yoga pose works on its own and within a flow. I really appreciated the flexibility and the structure of the online format--I would never have been able to complete the course fully in-person, given my schedule and work obligations, while the Zoom sessions with the rest of my cohort were a great way to build understanding in a collaborative community. I deepened my practice and am now equipped to start teaching yoga myself, which has been a dream of mine for years.  Huge thanks to all the teachers and staff at Kali Yuga Yoga who are making this possible! 
-Elizabeth, Online 2020

Kali Yuga Yoga... ah, this studio is in my soul. I have journeyed with them through 10 years of practice, 2 kids and a career change. I've always wanted to progress my practice and until recent online offering, I've been unable. This studio and its practitioners bring a love and embodiment to yoga I was craving. It has been no less potent via the online immersion, and the spiritual, mental, and physical growth,  have been life changing. Accepting the challenge of this training program, accepting the extensive teaching base at its foundation and acknowledging the need for growth within myself has been empowering. If you feel this call and the time is right, answer.  
-Jennifer, Online 2020

Going through teacher training with Kali Yuga was such a great experience. I am so grateful to have been able to learn and grow so much in such an uncertain time. The teachers brought such a variety of knowledge and experience to the class. I will keep the relationships with my fellow students close to my heart for a long time. I can't recommend the Kali Yuga Teacher Training enough. Doing it online also allowed a flexibility and freedom I wouldn't have got in a traditional setting. Thanks Kali Yuga for everything! 
-Jack, Online 2020

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