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First, I want to thank you for having such a great Yoga practice.  I have been to other classes around town and there is no matching what you do!  You took so much time with me yesterday...and I really appreciated it.  Also, I took 2 of Brett's classes and she was also so wonderful.  What you do in the classes sure shows how much you love the practice (and the business).  I am forever grateful to be part of your practice.  And forever...hopefully that I will become flexible!!

Leah is an extremely well trained professional whose classes are great for beginners or experts.  Yoga is very relaxing and yet challenging at the same time.  I always enjoy Leah's yoga sessions because I walk away feeling rejuvenated and like I have just had one heck of a workout.  

After years of practicing yoga, I was excited to find Leah’s class –She is one of the best instructors I’ve had and really challenges and inspires her students. Always a great class with incredible benefits!”” 

My goodness, I can't stop talking about how great yoga was for me during my recent pregnancy!!! As my belly grew I went from practicing Vata classes early on to the Kapha practice. Toward the end, the restorative poses in the Kapha series helped me tremendously when my hip joints started to ache.  The poses also helped with my blood flow and kept me balanced so that I never experienced any swelling!! I had a completely pleasant and enjoyable pregnancy and I truly believe that it is because of the yoga that I practiced throughout. 

Leah's classes are a fabulous combination of yoga instruction, education and positive energy.  I always leave feeling inspired.

I have noticed so many improvements since beginning to practice with Kali Yuga Yoga.  My flexibility has improved, my breathing has improved, and my overall stress level has gone down.  Leah makes it so easy to follow along as a beginner, and really helps you to step up the level of your practice as your ability improves. 

Just wanted to say how comfortable and welcoming my first two classes at Kali have been -- this is 10 years after my last yoga class! Leah was very patient and intuitive, and her Tuesday "water" session is now something I'll be looking forward to each week. Convenient location and great space too. Thanks!” 

I attended a class at Kali Yuga Yoga on my birthday and it was the highlight of my day. Leah made me feel very special and was very attentive to my form. I really enjoyed the class and hope to return soon! 

About 12 years ago I went to Scotland and bought a kilt.  I was an itsy bitsy size 6.  I haven’t been able to wear the kilt for about 8 years, but I have kept it around because I didn't have the heart to throw it away.  After joining your studio and doing yoga 2-3 times a week for a couple months or so I was feeling kinda skinny, so I tried the kilt on again.  It fits with a little room to spare!!! Thank you!!!

The classes at Kali Yuga Yoga with Leah Lillios and other talented instructors have taken my practice to new heights. Not only have I seen the benefits of an effective strengthening workout that's both safe and challenging, but a decrease in stress and a heightened awareness in my daily life. I always leave with a sense of peaceful invigoration. Leah possesses a wonderful gift of positivity and inspiration, and I'm very grateful that she's here to share it with her students.

I think that [Leah is] a gifted instructor and that the yoga club has such a strong sense of community and acceptance--- something you can't help sharing with friends.

Thank you for a fun and learning experience yesterday [at the workshop]. It all went much too fast. You are fortunate to have such a lovely studio.

Hey, I gotta tell you I feel great today. I really like your classes, and have found them to be a lot more varied and interesting than the ones I took [elsewhere]. And I really appreciate your help. I just started taking yoga about a year ago but am quickly learning to appreciate it and get out of it all I can, and that's very important to me.

I felt like a new woman yesterday .. all day.  And  I finally got a good night's sleep.  Thank you for having such a wonderful practice and for allowing me to be a part of it.  See you soon .. and regularly (i pray).

Just read your updated "Our Story" and  wanted you to know that your studio is fulfilling your vision!  How awesome is that??  Seriously--I love the fact that real people practice at Kali Yuga.  One is likely to get a "What's up girl?" instead of pretentious, self-aggrandizing chatter, yet the yoga instruction is amazing and the physical therapy benefits are incredible.  So I just wanted to encourage you in your venture and also thank you for pursuing your dream.

Leah's classes are excellent! I don't do yoga enough to really be great at it, but I always feel like I get something out of her classes.  She pays special attention to the beginner and is also very attentive to the use of proper form.  I have never worried that I might do something that would injure me.  Highly recommended!  Leah is a true professional.

I wasn't a huge fan of yoga until Leah and Kali Yuga came along!

Leah is fabulous. She's patient enough with beginners, but also satisfies the advanced yogi's need to go the next level in a pose. I can't recommend her highly enough. If you are even thinking about trying yoga OR if you are wanting to get back in practice, Leah would be the teacher I would recommend. Basically, Leah rocks the yoga world - and you won't regret taking her classes in the least bit!

In the past two years my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant. As I have grown older, my inner strength and confidence was beginning to diminish. It has caused me much stress, anxiety, and tears. I have always thought of myself as a healthy individual and relied on running to keep fit and relax my mind. However, I decided that training for and running half marathons may be too much stress on my body which was having a difficult time with conception. In November of 2008, I then decided to try yoga and discovered Kali Yuga Yoga! I started with the Pitta classes once and then twice a week with Amy, Nora and Leah. After each class, I felt stronger and deeply cleansed literally and figuratively in my mind, body, and soul. What amazes me most about classes at Kali Yuga Yoga, the instructors all have the ability to give each student the guidance, patience and attention needed no matter what level student.  I later discovered Brett's sunday morning class!  Brett helped me back to the level of flexibility that I had in high school! I left class that day feeling like high school cheerleader after a football game and needed to find a football player fast!  My husband appreciates that too since he played football in highschool (hee hee). We are still not pregnant (yet) but we will keep on trying! Thanks to Leah for bringing Yoga and some amazing instructors to East Nashville and bringing passion back into my life!   

"I just wanted to send a BIG THANK YOU your way!!!! I started at Kali Yuga Yoga in January and have been attending classes at least twice per week since. It has been life changing! I would be there everyday if I  could! I can't even put into words what it has done for my mind and body. I have spent years dealing with stress, anxiety, body image, etc...Since I started the yoga classes, I honestly feel like a new woman. It may sound cheesey, but it is sooooo true. I feel so much healthier both inside and out. Even my husband has noticed the changes in my attitude and own self-esteem. You have such an amazing facility with such amazing instructors. Every class is such a physical and spiritual experience! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!"

1011 Fatherland Street  d  East Nashville, TN 37206

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