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Meet the gang...

Tony Hollingsworth   

Tony went to a couple yoga classes many years ago and at the time it just did not seem to be the right fit.   Then about 3 years ago he started attending hot yoga classes to supplement his running.  It clicked with his body mind and spirit and he discovered that Yoga it is much more than just a physical practice. Then while training for a half marathon, he sustained a micro tear in his hamstring and yoga became the mainstay for his physical, mental and spiritual health.   He has never regretted the transition and continues his journey. 
Training and teaching have always been an important part of his life and he brings those skills to the mat each time he teaches. Tony has a Masters in Interpersonal and Public Communication, has been a corporate trainer, a university teacher, is a certified Franklin Covey time management instructor and earlier in life was a ballroom dance instructor.  
In the spring of 2012 he received his 200 hour RYT certification from Kali Yuga Yoga Studio in East Nashville.  He taught classes with Yoga in Park with the Team Green Summer Series and jumped right onto the schedule the following Fall. Tony has also served as Community Director and now supports the studio as an educator and activist to our teachers and students by hosting our New Student Orientations. 
Tuesday      7:30AM    Vata

About Tony’s practice
For Tony Yoga is the path to a well body, a peaceful mind and a free spirit. Tony’s classes encourage students to bring openness and awareness to their practices, abilities and needs on a physical, mental and spiritual level; to recognize where they are in their own journey and build on it.  Tony enjoys teaching because he enjoys learning and he believes Yoga is a never ending opportunity for growth, learning and liberation.  His goal is for you to leave his class with something new…a yoga philosophy…an asana…an insight… a self discovery…, however big or small, to help continue your unique journey.    His sense of humor and positive energy make his classes fun and inviting, and provide an opportunity for you to be challenged and focused while pursuing your practice in a light-hearted and free-spirited atmosphere.



1011 Fatherland Street  d  East Nashville, TN 37206

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