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 Trauma Sensitivity 
in Yoga Training

with Liz Mead ERYT
Natalie Dodd RYT, LMSW
Sunday, August 1

All of us experience trauma in some way. It may be “big T” trauma, smaller on the daily “little t” trauma or even trauma passed on by generations of pain. Our world is just now becoming cognizant of this issue, its affects and how in a strange way it unites us all. However, with this knowledge we can no longer treat each other with ignorance. We must re-learn how to interact respectfully, mindfully and with compassion.  

This training is for anyone. Anyone who is affected by trauma, anyone who works with people who have experienced trauma or anyone who just wants to open their mind to the world around them. This training is for YOU. We will use the platform of yoga to create a common ground through which to connect, learn and grow. 

In this 4- hour workshop participants will be led through a trauma-sensitive meditation and yoga class. We will discuss trauma-sensitivity specifically as it relates to yoga and a yoga class, and be offered the opportunity to learn techniques in creating a safe space. 

Natalie and Liz are passionate about the holistic benefits of offering yoga as a healing practice and are committed to making body-based healing accessible to those who wish to integrate this practice into their healing journey.

Workshop Breakdown:
	•	75 minute trauma-sensitive yoga practice
	•	Introduction into Trauma Sensitive Yoga
	•	Introduction into Body Based Healing 
	•	Closing trauma sensitive mindfulness practice 
	•	Take home resources

About your Instructors:

Natalie Dodd, LMSW, RYT-200
Natalie is a licensed social worker and a trained yoga instructor who has combined her passion for mental health and yoga by completing her 200 hour yoga teacher certification with Kali Yuga Yoga in 2018 and gained her Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga Training (TSY) certification in 2019. Natalie has experience teaching TSY in her clinical practice, helping clients find comfort in the present moment through mindful breath and body movement. 

Liz Mead, ERYT-200
Liz received her Masters at Columbia for conflict management and has been a Yoga Teacher and educator for twenty years. She is excited to expand her work in both fields and unify them together on the mat. 


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