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Urban Mystics
              : ecstatic movement :

with Jo-Jo Jackson 
       & Shaunna Williams

Friday, October 4
6:30-8:30PM | $35

Our daily urban lifestyle can often leave you feeling disconnected from the magic of your own inner essence. Take an evening to reconnect to your divine feminine mystique. This workshop bridges together elements of primal movement, tribal dance, vinyasa yoga and breathwork into a free-flowing expression of YOU—body, mind & soul! Jo-Jo & Shaunna will guide you through this 2-hour workshop exploring sensual movement and ecstatic dance. Connect to the grounding and playful energy of the root & sacral chakras in order to root into your foundation and find the freedom to let your magic flow through blissful, mystical movement.

About Shaunna
Shaunna Williams, the Mystical Minister, sets you free from body shame through spiritual awakening. Shaunna began her spiritual journey as a kid and studied many different denominations of the church, and as she got older she began to lean towards a universal approach to God and spirituality through different avenues such as Meditation, Reiki and studying outside of Christian religion. 

Shaunna specializes in body consciousness and transformation through coaching, breathwork, spiritual teachings, energy healing, movement practices, and shifting the story of shame. Shaunna is a certified Teacher of Light, Reiki Master and Transformational Breath facilitator. She is the author of The Spiritual Magic of a Queer POC. She teaches you how to be who you are wherever you are. 

1011 Fatherland Street  d  East Nashville, TN 37206

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