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Yoga YOUniversity Testimonial

“Where do I begin on my experience in my journey to become a certified yoga teacher? Well, I suppose I start from the beginning. 

As a young girl I was always very active and athletic. I enjoyed challenges—such as the “monkey bars” and the “jungle gym”. I eventually asked my parents and signed on to take gymnastics lessons. I practiced gymnastics for years and then as I grew older became “too cool” for such acrobatics. I did remain active, but in a social forum such as going out dancing several nights a week. 

By my middle twenties to late twenties, I had decided to join a local gym that offered “yoga classes”. I had heard of yoga but I’d never attempted it for I feared it would be “slow and unentertaining”. As I go in and am instructed of the things I will need (i.e. a mat, blocks, a strap) I ‘m thinking why all of these contraptions? But I was eager to find out why now for sure!

As I listened to the instructor and eyeballed around the room, I carried on this awkward new practice all the way to “Namaste”. I was in love! I didn’t know why or understand half of what had just happened, but I felt alive!!! I continued to go to this gym only focused mainly on the yoga classes. What could I learn? How could I feel this good physically AND spiritually?
Several years went by and I continued to take classes, grow more and more fond of yoga, and everything it stood for! One day after class, an instructor of mine asked me why I didn’t look into becoming a teacher myself? I’d never actually contemplated it, but one day it hit me after a session—I absolutely want to do this for a living. So, being at the local YMCA, I decided to jump on the computer and proceed to look into schools offering CYT training. 

On the ever knowledge feeding Facebook, a friend of mine had mentioned Kali Yuga Yoga. She had taken classes there and was bragging on the studio. I dove in! Went to their website, clicked on every option, and finally decided to submit my application. It was a leap of faith, because I had no idea of what I was embarking on—just excited and nervous while awaiting a reply. 

Finally, I received my welcome and acceptance to school! I naturally went out and bought new yoga clothes and a mat like an excited child. I read as much as I could to be as knowledgeable as possible. 

First day of school. Cold January night. Everyone scoping each other out, the studio, waiting…Enter Leah Lilllios King and Elizabeth Workman Mead. 

Little did I know how much these two ladies would change my life forever. My experience at Kali Yuga Youniversity was a life altering one. I don’t think I could have picked a better place to get my certification. From Leah’s kind, yet assertive personality to Liz’s funny but experienced mojo you couldn’t put together a better team. The curriculum was excellent as I’m sure the new students have already discovered!  Thorough—from anatomy to dietary to workshops and writing assignments, journal entries, out of just the practice of the asanas and Sanskrit. 

I’ve spoken with other teachers who attended different schools and all were impressed with the time and devotion Leah and Liz give their students. The fact that we learn the difference between Kapha, Pitta, and Vata and how to maximize our knowledge as teachers and pass that onto our students is such a credible part to the team at Kali Yuga and Belmont Lotus. There is a vibe there like no other. A place you simply want to be. 

Read carefully your books, practices religiously your asanas, your pranayama, yamas, and niyamas. Breathe in this experience and the new life it promises to bring you. Gradutation will come all too quickly and it will be your turn to take out into the world your new found experiences as teachers in our practices. 

I cannot thank Leah and Liz and the entire staff or my fellow students enough for my time with them. I do know it made a dream come true for this young lady who once upon a time fell in love with a practice and a passion she didn’t know existed on this level…

In the eternal words of unity—Namaste.”

Summer Leniger 
Graduate 2013 Yoga Teacher and KYY Studio Manager 2014-2017


1011 Fatherland Street  d  East Nashville, TN 37206

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